It all started when…

I grew up the son of certified nurse's assistant and a construction worker. I was originally born in Colorado but moved away for a few years. When I was 7, my parents moved back from Las Vegas, Nevada to Colorado Springs, Colorado. We thought it was our gold rush. But, in fact, Colorado Springs was yet another city inside U.S. borders afflicted with poverty, alcoholism and poor education. 

The first of my family to go to college, I attended Hastings College in Nebraska on a full scholarship as their star quarterback. Upon graduating, I played for the Calgary Stampeders in the Canadian Football League. In a matter of months, however, I realized I was more committed to social change than the scoreboard. I moved home and helped open an Obama campaign office south of the Fort Carson military base. Soon after I ran for city council. 

Ultimately disillusioned with local politics, I tried impacting my community the only other way I knew how: social entrepreneurship. In the last five years, I’ve started and managed four socially conscious startups, from a program called One Voice Coalition to the app Arcade Exchange. Now in Denver, I work at the intersection of social entrepreneurship and nonprofits to help people across the state find jobs. I'm currently the Executive Director of the longstanding nonprofit Denver Works. 

My mission? Align businesses with peoples’ needs. Keep money in communities. Empower others to create social change in minute and then massive ways.